How to Program A Keyless Entry to a Garage Door Opener made by Chamberlain, Craftsman, LiftMaster.

1) Chose a 4-digit entry access code using the numbers from 0 to 9. The numbers can be in any order and any number can be used more then once if desired.

2) Locate the smart button on the motor head which is directly under the screw terminals where the push button and photo-cell wires connect to the unit and above the antenna wire. You may have to remove a lens or light cover to gain access to the learn button.

3) Push the smart button momentarily (Holding the smart button until the L.E.D. light beside the button goes out will erase all transmitter and keyless entries that are programmed into the unit) and verify the L.E.D. light next to the button is lit solid.

4) Press the four buttons for your access code and press and hold the “Enter” button within thirty seconds and before the L.E.D. goes out. The L.E.D. will flash once and the keyless will operate the door the next time the access code and Enter button is pushed.

5) Performing these steps will automatically erase any prior access code that was programmed previously.