Atlantis Garage Doors & Entrance Gates

The city of Atlantis, Florida was incorporated shortly before Electronic Door Lift (EDL) / Gate Masters started in the garage door business in 1964.  We are a third-generation family-owned and operated company servicing all of South Florida.   Atlantis is in storm-prone South Florida, and with Hurricane Andrew hitting in 1992, building codes have become more stringent, requiring impact-rated garage doors to be installed when it is time for a replacement.  EDL / Gate Masters only sells high-quality impact-rated garage doors from such trusted brands as Raynor Garage Doors and  Hass Garage Doors.   We also manufacture custom aluminum security gates for residential and commercial properties.

Garage Door Services

EDL / Gate Masters Garage Door and Gate Services in Atlantis, Florida

Garage Door Service and Repair Atlantis – A malfunctioning garage door is a big hassle.   Let the experts at EDL / Gate Masters be there to help.  We service all types of garage doors.  One of the most common problems is a broken torsion spring.  We cut the replacement spring on-site to make sure it fits and works with your door perfectly.  EDL / Gate Masters has over 30 vehicles on the road.   If you need your garage door repair for any reason, schedule an appointment.   We also offer same-day and 24/7 emergency service.

Entrance Gate Service and Repair Atlantis – A residential or commercial entrance gate that is not working or functioning correctly is a huge inconvenience.  Count on the professionals at EDL / Gate Masters to properly diagnose the problem and make a timely repair to get your gate back up and running. In addition, we recommended that your entrance gate have a service plan in place to keep your gate in working order.

Our Services


  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Garage Door Broken Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Weather Seal / Weather Strip Replacement
  • Garage Door Panel Repair
  • Garage Door Broken Track Repair
  • Misaligned Garage Door Repair
  • Malfunctioning Garage Door Safety Sensors
  • Garage Door Opener Repair or Garage Door Opener Replacement
  • Entrance Gate Repair or Entrance Gate Replacement
  • Entrance Gate Opener Repair or Entrance Gate Opener Replacement
  • Access Control Repair or Access Control Replacement
  • Barrier Arm Repair or Barrier Arm Replacement

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Hurricane Preparation

Atlantis Hurricane Preparation

Your garage door is almost always the largest opening on your home, and a failure during a hurricane can be a disaster.  Impact garage doors are designed to withstand positive and negative wind pressure generated by the storm.  In addition, garage doors are tested for impact resistance to deal with debris thrown about by a storm.  And the answer is yes, to do I need a permit to replace my garage door.  The inspector will confirm that the door you have selected meets current building codes and has been installed correctly.

Our Products

Impact Garage Doors

EDL / Gate Masters sells and installs high-quality garage doors. A high-quality, durable garage door can improve not only the security of the home but will have one of the better returns on investments when it comes time to sell your home. In addition, all the garage doors we sell are impact-rated and will meet or exceed the city of Atlantis' building codes.

Garage Door Openers / Entrance Gate Openers

EDL/ Gate Masters sells belt-driven, screw-driven, and chain-driven garage door openers. Belt-driven openers are the smoothest and quietest openers on the market. Chain-driven garage openers are both rugged, reliable and are used to lift heavy garage doors. Screw-driven garage door openers tend to have less maintenance, with no need to adjust the chain and tend to be quieter than a chain drive. In addition, a modern garage door often comes with Smartphone technology that lets you control your garage door from an App on your phone. EDL / Gate Masters sells garage door openers for both residential and commercial applications.

Entrance Gates

EDL / Gate Masters specializes in entrance gate automation for homes and commercial businesses. An entrance gate can provide security and peace of mind. Our gates are custom aluminum gates are manufactured at our facility by expert craftsman and welders.

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