Servicing Your Automated Electric Gate is Essential

Your custom aluminum gate/access system is designed to give you convenient, secure access with tremendous curb appeal. We encourage you to speak with EDL / Gate Masters about signing up for an entrance gate maintenance plan. The fee for a gate maintenance plan is dependent on the type of access system you have, the frequency of use, and recommended maintenance intervals required to keep your gate in top working order. Typically we recommend servicing your gate twice a year.

EDL / Gate Masters specializes in the service and repair of automatic electric gates.  Call us at (954) 972-9300 to set up maintenance program for your electric gate.


Why Preventive Maintenance?

  • Automated gates are large, heavy, and can be dangerous to maintain. Like all mechanical systems, they need regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and prolong your investment’s life.
  • Regular inspections often catch problems while they are small. A major overhaul or having to replace major equipment can be very expensive.
  • A gate failure never comes at a good time. Proper and regularly scheduled maintenance will help keep you from being caught stranded.


Determining the issue with your gate

  • The first thing to do is rule out human error, like commands or switches set to keep the gate open at all times.
  • Check sensors to make sure they are clean, so they may not be able to detect objects.
  • Examine the gate’s structure to make sure an accidental vehicle bump has not damaged it.
  • For slide gates, examine if the chain or track has been damaged. With swing gates, there could be damage to the arms or hinges.

EDL / Gate Masters Maintenance checklist

  • Visually inspect the rollers, fasteners, brackets, and other gate hardware for proper alignment, proper tightness, and signs of damage, breakage, looseness, rust, or wear.
  • Check for secure mounting.
  • Check all sprockets and pulleys for alignment, tighten set screws as needed.
  • Oil or Grease bearings or chain.
  • Moving parts lubricated.
  • Check gear reducer oil level.
  • Check clutch and adjust as needed.
  • Tighten hinges or rollers as needed.
  • Check electrical connections.
  • Visually inspect the wiring for fraying or exposure.
  • Test and inspect entrapment protection devices, edge sensors, or photoelectric eyes.
  • Test manual release and manual release operation.

How we can help

EDL / Gate Masters specializes in the service and repair of electric gates, entrance gates, automatic gates, gate openers, and telephone entry systems.

  • Gate will not Open or Close.
  • Gate Opens on its own periodically.
  • Your electric gate is making loud noises or struggles to open.
  • Telephone Entry System or keypad not working.

When calling for service or repair, have the following information available to facilitate your electric gate’s quick repair or service.

  • Type of gate – Sliding gate, swing gate, double swing gate, barrier arm.
  • Model and manufacturer of the gate so we can determine what parts might be needed.
  • Type of multi-code transmitter, loop detectors, and phone system.
  • The more information you can provide ahead of time, the faster we can get things up and running.

Often, a gate repair can’t wait. EDL / Gate Masters offers Same Day and 24/7 Emergency Service.
Call (954) 972-9300.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Keep your Gate Clean
    • Wash or hose down your gate a couple of times a year, to reduce corrosion.
  • Care for Electrical Components
    • Over time even the most well-made gate operators can be affected by weather, insects, and other pests that can cause damage.
  • Keep Everything Well Lubricated
    • High-end automatic gates tend to have all their moving parts sealed. If your components aren’t sealed, you should grease the wheels or hinges periodically. A swing gate has an internal chain that must be kept lubricated, and a slide gate will have an outside chain that requires lubrication.

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