Miramar Garage Doors & Entrance Gates

Garage door and entrance gate service, installation, and repair in Miramar, Florida.  Miramar was founded as a bedroom community in the early 1950s for Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  Miramar continues to be a community for good family living.   EDL / Gate Masters is a local, family-owned company that provides residential and commercial garage door and entrance gate solutions since 1964.   Broken garage door springs? Garage door opener not working?  Entrance gate not working?  Need a replacement?  Call the experts in Miramar for any of your garage door or entrance gate needs.

Garage Door Services

EDL / Gate Masters Garage Door and Gate Services in Miramar, Florida

Experts in Garage Door Service: Miramar, Florida – We are a third-generation, locally owned and operated company with over 55 years in business. We promise to provide the best garage door service in Miramar.   We repair all makes and models of garage doors.

Garage Door replacement: Miramar Florida – At a certain point, it does not make sense to incur the expense of fixing an old garage door, so that a garage door replacement might be your best option.  EDL / Gate Masters sells only impact-rated garage doors that will meet Miramar and South Florida’s strict building codes to protect against hurricanes.   Aside from giving your home an extra level of safety, a new garage door will brighten up the exterior of any home.

Entrance Gate Service: Miramar, Florida – Aside from garage doors, EDL / Gate Masters does expert entrance gate installation and service for homes, residential communities, and commercial businesses.  An out-of-service entrance gate is not only a huge hassle but can be a safety issue.  EDL / Gate Masters has a large vehicle fleet that is the road and expert technicians that can get your entrance gate working in no time. Ask us about a maintenance program that will minimize entrance gate breakdowns, help avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your entrance gate.

Our Services


  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Garage Door Broken Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Weather Seal / Weather Strip Replacement
  • Garage Door Panel Repair
  • Garage Door Broken Track Repair
  • Misaligned Garage Door Repair
  • Malfunctioning Garage Door Safety Sensors
  • Garage Door Opener Repair or Garage Door Opener Replacement
  • Entrance Gate Repair or Entrance Gate Replacement
  • Entrance Gate Opener Repair or Entrance Gate Opener Replacement
  • Access Control Repair or Access Control Replacement
  • Barrier Arm Repair or Barrier Arm Replacement

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Hurricane Preparation

Miramar Hurricane Preparation

Miramar, Florida, and all of South Florida are a target for hurricanes and tropical storms.  Insurance companies and local building codes require any replacement garage door to be made with an impact-rated garage door, which means it must be independently tested to withstand hurricane-force winds and impact from debris generated by a storm.   Protect what Is your most valuable asset by replacing your old garage door with an impact-rated garage door.

Our Products

Impact Garage Doors

Call us for a free quote on a new hurricane-rated garage door for your home or business. Trust EDL / Gate Masters with your garage door replacement. We offer a wide variety of garage doors for any style of home. Select styles from traditional doors, carriage doors, insulated doors, and custom-built options. We also offer all types of commercial overhead garage doors for firehouses, warehouses, auto repair shops, and many other types of businesses. We only offer the finest brands like Raynor and Haas garage doors that are all impact-rated for hurricanes.

Garage Door Openers / Entrance Gate Openers

EDL / Gate Masters offers a wide range of garage door openers for your Miramar home. Often openers are taken for granted, but today’s openers do more than open or close your garage from a supplied remote. With an app on your smartphone, you can open or close your garage door from anywhere, plus receive notifications when your door is opened or closed. And with higher-end models, you can view live-streaming video and hold a two-way conversation. EDL / Gate Masters offers high-quality openers from LiftMaster that should last from 10 to 15 years with normal use.

Entrance Gates

EDL / Gate Masters provides the best home and commercial entry systems in Miramar. Not only do our custom aluminum gates look great, but they also provide an extra level of security. Driveway gates are paired with a quality gate operator and gate access system designed for your individual needs. The gate access system has options for keypad entry, fob, call box, voice, photo, or even live-streaming with a two-way voice, so the resident or business can decide to grant or deny access. EDL / Gate Masters has everything from low-level to high-level security gate options depending on your needs.

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