Royal Palm Beach Garage Doors & Entrance Gates

EDL / Gate Masters is locally owned and operated.   We pride ourselves in providing our customers with unrivaled repair and service of garage doors and entrance gates.  We also offer garage door replacement at a fair price with expert installation.  As our name indicates, we also do entrance gates for premier homes, multi-residences and businesses.

Garage Door Services

EDL / Gate Masters Garage Door and Gate Services in Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Expert Garage Door Service: Royal Palm Beach, Florida – We are a third-generation, locally owned and operated garage door company with over a half-century of experience serving garage doors.  Our team of technicians are professionals and have years of experience. A broken garage door spring is the most common repair we see.  If you hear a loud bang (the sound of the spring breaking) or your door only partially opens, a broken spring is the most likely problem.  We have a large fleet of over 30 service vehicles and expert technicians to get the job done. We offer same-day and 24/7 emergency service.

Garage Door replacement: Royal Palm Beach, Florida – If you have corrosion, fading, or damage to your garage door panels, it is likely time to replace your garage door with a new hurricane-rated garage door.  Unless your door is new, it is a challenge to find an appropriate replacement panel and have it be a satisfactory match.   Garage doors that are not hurricane/impact rated should get replaced.

Entrance Gate Service: Royal Palm Beach, Florida – When your entrance gate for home or business stops working, it is time to call EDL / Gate Masters.  We inspect your entrance gate hardware, mountings, lubricate all moving parts, check the clutch and adjust as needed, tighten hinges or rollers as required, check electrical connections, wiring, test entrapment devices to find your issue.  We specialize in the electronics associated with entrance gates.  Be sure to ask us about a planned maintenance program that will minimize entrance gate breakdowns, help avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your entrance gate.

Our Services


  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Garage Door Broken Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Weather Seal / Weather Strip Replacement
  • Garage Door Panel Repair
  • Garage Door Broken Track Repair
  • Misaligned Garage Door Repair
  • Malfunctioning Garage Door Safety Sensors
  • Garage Door Opener Repair or Garage Door Opener Replacement
  • Entrance Gate Repair or Entrance Gate Replacement
  • Entrance Gate Opener Repair or Entrance Gate Opener Replacement
  • Access Control Repair or Access Control Replacement
  • Barrier Arm Repair or Barrier Arm Replacement

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Hurricane Preparation

Royal Palm Beach Hurricane Preparation

An impact-rated garage door is critical to keeping your home safe should a storm threaten Boynton Beach.  The garage door is one of the most significant openings in the house.  A garage door that fails during a hurricane could have a catastrophic result.  New impact garage doors are built to withstand hurricane wind pressures and tested to withstand impact from debris.  Just as necessary is proper installation following the manufacturer’s specifications and ensuring the garage door meets Boyton Beach Building codes.

Our Products

Impact Garage Doors

Call us for a free quote on a new hurricane-rated garage door. Materials – Choose from aluminum, steel, glass, and beautiful overlay option. Aesthetics – Select from a wide rand of designs, colors, and frames to match your home’s architectural style. Safety and Security – Choose from automatic deadbolts, rolling codes, keyless entry to using an app on your smartphone to control your garage.

Garage Door Openers / Entrance Gate Openers

Drives – Ultra-quiet belt drive or powerful chain drive units. High Tech – Smartphone control to open and close your garage. Receive a notification when the door is opened or closed. Premier LiftMaster Dealer Battery backup available in case the power goes out. Long-Lasting – We sell nothing but quality garage doors that should last from ten to 15 years.

Entrance Gates

We custom design the gate to fit your entrance and style. Our gates are manufactured in-house by skilled craftsmen and welders out of corrosive-resistant aluminum. State-of-the-art access systems available. Hard wired or cellular connection, so your gate can be placed anywhere. Entrance authenticated by keypad, voice, voice with still photo or live-streaming video options available to your smartphone. Administrative portal to accommodate family, friends, home service contractors, party attendees, and other visitors for one-time, multi-day or recurring events.

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